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2018 Projects

72 Heads Panel Presentation

The Drawing Centre

New York, NY

Sept 17, 2018


Following the performance 72 Heads, on September 10, by Open Sessions artist Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, Open Sessions curators Rosario Güiraldes and Lisa Sigal have gathered a panel discussion of contemporary artists, whose work reflects on the place of heritage in contemporary art and culture at large, including Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, Native Art Department International (Maria Hupfield and Jason Lujan), and Jeffrey Gibson. Moderated by Johanna Burton, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Engagement at the New Museum in New York, the talk will likely touch on drawing, heritage, indigenous art, ceremonies, and radical mark-making.

Open Sessions Active Line public programs are co-organized with Open Sessions 2018–2020 artists and bring together artists and audiences in a responsive conversation addressing drawing as a practice both concrete and metaphorical, a space for assertion, conjecture, and digression.